DEI Coaching Program

3-Month Live Online Program

DEI Coaching Program 3-Month Live Online Program


Understanding true Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) can be the difference makers for your employees, company culture, and the success of your organization.

Here at PPCaDI we believe that providing DEI development through coaching is the most effective way for leaders to learn and develop in a safe, judgement-free zone.

Program Snapshot

Virtual Live

Dates based on the organization

3 Months

2-3 hours per Week

Approximate Time Commitment

Coaching Options:

Blended Model
(Group and Individual)

Group Model

Individual Model

What Leaders Will Learn

PPCaDI’s DEI Coaching Program is designed to educate, inform and empower Leaders on topics and principles related to DEI. Through a process of education, discovery, and reflection our goal is to help Leaders become more knowledgeable and connected to themselves, others in their organizations, and communities at large in relation to DEI.

In partnership with a PPCaDI Diversity Coach, Leaders will reflect upon their own experiences of understanding race in the world in which we live. Here at PPCaDI, we believe regardless of background that everyone deserves to pursue a life and career of meaning, courage, and belonging.


The DEI Coaching Program will take you on a powerful journey as a leader.

Upon completion of the Program you will learn to:

  • Have courageous conversations
  • Enhance diversity vocabulary
  • Tap into strengths to handle hard situations
  • Develop empathy, vulnerability, and compassion for others
  • Display better leadership and management skills
  • Have a greater overall understanding of race and DEI
  • Build a culture with psychological safety and belonging
  • Display behaviors of intentional allyship

Who Is The DEI Program For?

This program is for organizations that want their leaders to be educated, informed, and empowered on topics and principles related to DEI.

Example of target program participants:

  • Executive leaders
  • Senior Leaders
  • People Leaders
  • Mid-level leaders
  • HR and Learning and development leaders
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