PPCaDI delivers the best leadership and diversity coaching which provides a unique opportunity to address a powerful subset of issues in a transformative way to build more resilient and diverse people and organizations. Learn how we can meet the development needs of your organization. Request a consultation today.

Positive Psychology


Leadership and Diversity Development

Coaching Services to Fit Your Organization

Positively Diverse Leadership: Becoming a Coach-Like Leader

3-Day Live Online Program

What is Positively Diverse Leadership: Becoming a Coach-Like Leader?

A 3-day virtual Leadership and Diversity training program for leaders and managers who want to utilize coaching as the most powerful tool to learn to better relate and communicate with others in the organization around topics of leadership and DEI.

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DEI Coaching Program

3-Month Live Online Program

The PPCaDI DEI Coaching Program is a curriculum-based coaching program specifically designed to educate and assist leaders through their journey of DEI development. Utilizing our Positively Diverse Leadership methodology we lead leaders through a series of learning and coaching opportunities to help them develop their knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion and way to implement their learning in their organizations.

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Leadership Coaching

Live, 1 to 1 Virtual Coaching

From the C-level executives, mid to senior management, and new managers PPCaDI utilizes positive psychology coaching to enhance the leadership effectiveness of individuals. 1 to 1 sessions with a PPCaDI coach provide a safe, controlled, and truthful environment in which leaders or senior managers can explore their current proficiency, see how they are perceived by others, focus on finding and clarifying current goals, and the appropriate actions to reach those goals.

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Diversity Coaching

Live, 1 to 1 Virtual Coaching

PPCaDI coaches help leaders from all backgrounds build a common language, understand implicit bias, recognize structural inequalities and foster an inclusive workplace utilizing core coaching principles and assessments. Our goal is to help you increase a sense of belonging in your employees and drive positive organizational change. We pride ourselves on having a diverse roster of highly trained coaches that works with diverse leaders to ensure that they feel belong in their organization.

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Team Coaching

Live, Virtual Team Coaching

Team coaching is a unique and transformative process where we work alongside your team to create great change. We will take the time to fully understand your team, its needs, and how we can best support the goals and objectives you seek to achieve. Once we’ve developed that understanding we create a fully customized coaching plan dedicated to your team’s needs and success.

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Facilitated Group Coaching

Live, Virtual Group Coaching

PPCaDI’s group coaching helps leaders and teams improve efficiency, inclusive workplace environments, harmony, and morale while working together to meet common objectives. Leaders are able to collectively explore and learn from one another to develop their leadership strengths and awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Request a consultation to see if group coaching is right for your organization.

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Racial Trauma Therapy

Live, 1 to 1 Virtual Therapy

According to research racial trauma references the emotional pain caused by encounters with racial discrimination. These experiences have created a devastating psychological impact on affected individuals. Here at PPCaDI we recognize these experiences go un-checked and unacknowledged in organizations. Our racial trauma therapist/coach helps affected leaders begin to deal with the pain these experiences have caused so they can function like the leader they want to be.

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