The PPCaD Institute delivers the best positive psychology coaching which provides a unique opportunity to address a powerful subset of issues in a trans-formative way to build more resilient and diverse people and organizations. Learn how we can meet the development needs of your organization. Request a consultation today.

Leadership Development

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Women in Leadership Development

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Leadership Development

From the C-level executives, mid to senior management and new managers PPCaDI utilizes positive psychology coaching to enhance the leadership effectiveness of individuals. 1 to 1 sessions with a PPCaDI coach provides a safe, controlled, and truthful environment in which leaders or senior managers can explore their current proficiency, see how they are perceived by others, focus on finding and clarifying current goals and the appropriate actions to reach those goals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

With belonging and meaning being at the forefront of what makes employees happy it is no surprise that the need for diversity in today’s leadership is a must for organizations to be successful in the future. PPCaDI coaches help leaders from all backgrounds build a common language, understanding implicit bias, recognizing structural inequalities and fostering an inclusive workplace utilizing core coaching principles and assessments. Our goal is to help you increase a sense of belonging in your employees and drive positive organizational change.

Women in Leadership Development

Women face a unique subset of issues in the workplace therefore PPCaDI utilizes a distinctive positive psychology approach that focuses on the unique strengths and issues women face. We understand that women are a diverse population and our approach not only allows women to develop their leadership capabilities but build greater self-efficacy and resilience. Research says that organizations are more successful when more women are placed in leadership positions.

360 feedback & individual assessments

360 Degree Feedback & Individual Assessments

A workplace where people are comfortable asking for and receiving feedback from their colleagues and managers, can really change how a corporation operates and is absolutely necessary if you want to create motivated and high performing employees and teams. Using 360 Feedback PPCaDI provides a safe environment for employees to receive candid feedback from peers, supervisors, subordinates, and other individuals with relationships key to their success. Individual Assessments allow employee to get a deeper look into their actions, beliefs and motivations so they can better understand themselves and their strengths. Both 360 Feedback and Individual Assessments allow employees to work through their development and action plans to create change. The goal is to create a healthy individual and team dynamic so that everyone can work together cohesively.

Diversity & Strength Based Training

Our Diversity and Strengths based training is unique to PPCaDI. We couple our signature diversity, equity and inclusion training, with our signature training to help Leaders dig into their strengths and grow, become more knowledgeable about DEI, build better communication skills for all level conversations and to transform. Taking a Strengths-Based Approach to Diversity as PPCaDI does helps organization’s recognize talented leaders from underrepresented groups and individuals who might have been historically over looked to emerge and show their potential. Our goal is to help organizations create a corporate culture of inclusion through recognizing the strengths of their employees that can be leveraged to increase value in an organization’s services and products.

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Group Coaching

PPCaDI group coaching helps leaders and teams improve efficiency, inclusive workplace environments, harmony, and morale while working together to meet common objectives. Leaders are able to collectively explore and learn from one another to develop their leadership strengths and awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Request a consultation to see if group coaching is right for your organization.