Courageous Conversations w/ Dr. Kiki Ramsey

April 9, 2021| 1pm EST

Plenty are talking about it but most people are scared to do it and Everyone wants to know how to do it effectively…what? Courageous Conversations.

She wrote the book on getting courageous now you can join Dr. Kiki Ramsey, founder and CEO of PPCaDI in a live candid conversation on how to have effective Courageous Conversations inorder to create cultures of positive leadership, psychological safety, and belonging in your organization.

You Will Learn:

  • Why Courageous Conversations are so important to the overall success of the organization and its leadership
  • The key components of Courageous Conversations
  • How to begin implementing Courageous Conversations in your organization with your leaders, co-workers, and teams.

What we do:

The PPCaD Institute utilizes coaching to maximize potential and drive a greater sense of fulfillment in the lives of individuals and organizations. Leveraging research-based methodology and the cutting edge in the positive psychology space, our team drives institutional change through interdisciplinary coaching on self-efficacy, purpose, diversity, and mindfulness.

What sets us apart?

At PPCaD Institue, we pair two schools of thought that are often siloed and combine them to optimize output for participants. First, we leverage positive psychology which has been proven to enhance workplace productivity, belonging, purpose, and overall employee effectiveness. This is coupled with best-in-class diversity programming to foster an inclusive workplace, leading to exponentially improved team synergy, sense of workplace belonging, and overall gains in organizational output.

PPCaDI is committed to helping people reach their full potential and we aim to make coaching accessible to people of all backgrounds to ensure that organizations who are committed to a more inclusive workplace reaches their goals of success.