Positive Psychology and diversity approaches to coaching

Who we are:

The Positive Psychology Coaching and Diversity Institute (PPCaDI) is a leadership development firm that specializes in diversity and leadership coaching and training.

We are a dedicated team of Positively Diverse coaches, passionately committed to providing the market’s most dynamic and impactful Diversity and Leadership programming. Our diverse team, comprised of certified and experienced executive coaches, brings expert coaching and training acumen across various fields, cultures, and leadership levels

What we do:

At PPCaDI, we are shaping a future of impactful and inclusive leadership through strengths-based, sustainable behavior change. 

We partner with your organization to celebrate what you’re already excelling at, and bolster those wins to generate momentum and growth in other, more challenging areas.

We use a balanced approach of training and coaching to maximize impact and bring clarity and energy to implementation.   

Our expert coaches possess a wealth of acumen, ensuring that our programs not only meet but exceed expectations. Whether you are navigating challenges in leadership development, seeking to enhance diversity initiatives, or aiming to cultivate a thriving organizational culture, we stand ready to guide you on this transformative journey.


What Is Positively Diverse™

Our Positively Diverse methodology is a proprietary scientific approach to curating inclusive leaders and positive leadership. Our exclusive methodology integrates evidence-based techniques from Positive Psychology, DEI, and Coaching and focuses on creating authentic and sustainable behavior change. This new, strengths-based approach to overhauling DEI and leadership provides leaders with the tools, skills and accountability needed to really generate change in your organization.

Positively Diverse is built on 3 key premises:

  1. Everyone wants to feel like they belong
  2. Relationships matter over everything
  3. Communication changes lives


The Positively Diverse approach creates leaders who work in their strengths to better relate and communicate around issues of leadership and DEI to become a more inclusive leader!

Committed to helping people reach their full potential and helping organizations reach their goals.

What sets us apart?

PPCaDI utilizes coaching to maximize potential and drive a greater sense of fulfillment in the lives of individuals and organizations. We specialize in driving organizational change by facilitating leadership and DEI development through our proprietary strengths-based Positively Diverse Leadership ™ Coaching model. Our team utilizes the cutting edge in the positive psychology space and diversity, equity and inclusion.