PPCaDI Training Courses

The Positive Psychology Coaching and Diversity Institute offers a transformative range of training programs centered on a strengths-based approach, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), as well as leadership coaching and training. With a commitment to fostering personal and professional growth, these programs empower individuals and organizations to harness their inherent strengths, nurture inclusive leadership skills, and navigate the complexities of DEI. By blending the principles of positive psychology with expert insights in DEI and leadership, the institute equips participants with the tools to create thriving workplaces, cultivate diversity, and drive excellence, ultimately reshaping the way we approach leadership and diversity in today’s world.

The Positively Diverse Leader equips leaders to excel in a diverse and inclusive world, focusing on unique skills and perspectives. Participants will learn to dig into their strengths so they can build better workplace relationships and communication skills around difficult DEI and leadership issues. 

Mastering the Art of Communication unveils the secrets of effective communication, enabling participants to forge deeper connections and achieve remarkable outcomes. This transformative course explores the four foundational elements of communication and equips participants with precision, empathy, active listening, and persuasion skills to enhance leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships, facilitating unparalleled success and meaningful connections in all areas of life.

Unlocking the Results Equation taps into the potential of the human brain, providing participants with the knowledge and techniques to drive substantial personal and professional development, ultimately leading to remarkable results.

Mastering Bias for Breakthrough Results is designed to help individuals open their minds to recognize and overcome biases that may be hindering personal and professional growth. By shedding light on these biases, participants gain the tools to unlock untapped potential and achieve transformative results in their lives and careers.

Revolution: Rethink, Reframe, and Lead challenges leaders to question conventional thinking, reframe their perspectives, and embrace a transformative approach to leadership. Through this course, participants will gain the insights and skills necessary to navigate today’s ever-changing landscape, foster innovation, and lead with a forward-thinking mindset.

Equity Evolution is a forward-looking training program that aims to establish a common foundation of understanding for inclusive leadership, fostering an environment where diversity thrives and propels organizational success. Participants will gain the knowledge and tools to navigate the evolving landscape of equity and inclusion, fostering a culture of shared values and empowerment that benefits both leaders and their organizations.

Strengths Unleashed: Transform Your Leadership for Organizational Success is designed to empower leaders to harness their unique strengths and unleash their full potential, ultimately driving success within their organizations. This course provides participants with the tools and strategies to unlock their innate abilities, fostering a more dynamic and impactful leadership approach.

Values-Driven Leadership guides leaders in leveraging the core values of their team members to enhance performance and foster a culture of inclusivity. Participants will learn how to align organizational values with individual principles, resulting in a more engaged, high-performing workforce and a path to excellence that embraces diversity.

Leadership Communication Mastery equips leaders with the skills to enhance feedback, improve performance, and transform team dynamics through the mastery of powerful coaching techniques. Participants will learn how to foster a more collaborative and results-oriented work environment, ultimately elevating their leadership capabilities to new heights.

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience Mastery for Empowering Workplace Relationships is focused on developing emotional intelligence and resilience to strengthen workplace relationships. Participants will gain essential skills to navigate and enhance their professional interactions, promoting a more empowered, harmonious, and productive work environment.

Mastering Workplace Conflict equips individuals with the skills and strategies needed to effectively address and resolve conflicts in the workplace. Participants will learn how to turn these challenges into opportunities for improved teamwork, enhanced communication, and a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Navigating a Multigenerational Workforce provides essential insights and strategies for leaders and employees to understand, collaborate, and thrive within a diverse workforce spanning multiple generations. Participants will gain valuable tools to bridge generational gaps, foster effective communication, and leverage the unique strengths of each age group for organizational success.