Have you ever taken a real chance before? I mean you went for something and you didn’t truly know what the outcome was going to be? Well I’ve taken many chances before in my life but none were bigger than me taking the leap and quitting my job many years ago to start my own business and begin living my dreams.

Now I know you have read this story before. Girl quits job to start her own company. Girl then strikes it rich a year later. Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble, that’s not my story (hahaha). My story goes a little like this….Girl quits job to start her own business. Girl runs into road blocks called lack of capital, lack of clients, lack motivation, lack of energy, lack, lack, lack. Girl continues to fight through all the road blocks and a successful business starts to emerge. Girl is now successful after a lot of pain, heart ache, long nights, and many No’s. And in the process Girl realizes that success is not defined just by financial gain, it is defined by happiness, gratitude and knowing that you are helping other people overcome their challenges in life. Believe it or not, more people’s stories are like mine but you rarely ever hear or see all the heartache and pain when it comes to looking behind the scenes of success.

The truth is you have to take chances to get the kind of results you want out of life. Now I’m not saying you have to go bet your life saving on something, I’m just saying that it may be time for you to step out of your box this year and do something different.

What are you waiting on? I know you have big dreams and goals! What is holding you back? It’s time for you to dust off that old dream or that old list of goals that you wrote a year ago and filed away in a folder. It’s time to start making some progress and taking action is the biggest things that will help you along this journey. Don’t worry about the how, just identify your first steps and get moving.

Yes you should develop a good plan but don’t let the lack of a plan stop you from making a single move. Sometimes in life you just have to move forward ignorantly not seeing the whole picture but trusting that it will come to you in the process. Decide to take a chance on yourself and your abilities and make your dreams come true today.

What chances are you willing to take towards your dreamstoday?

Kiki’s Coaching Take Away:

It’s time to take some chances in your life even if you are scared. Your dreams and goals can’t wait any longer!

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